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The OutBound Cat Harness and Leash Set - Natural

These stylish and functional cat leash and harness sets are made from the same hide and dye lots.

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Pair our beautiful harness with a matching leash that is also designed with you and your cat in mind.

Why is this the best harness for your cat?  Have other “escape-proof” harnesses already failed you?

We designed the Outbound Cat Harness because we couldn’t find what we needed, a harness that would securely hold our cats so that we could relax when we took them outside.

Our unique design prevents cats from wriggling backwards out of their harness by safely tightening when they pull backward.

Cats have a different anatomy from dogs and most harnesses were designed for dogs – generally, dogs pull on their harnesses and are less likely to try to back out. When cats want to escape, they back up, squeeze their shoulders together, and easily free themselves from the harness. And the Outbound Harness solves this problem.  We use a system of shock cord and a carefully shaped leather to create a safe and secure sling that harmlessly hugs your cat if they panic or try to escape.  The safety and security of the design allows you to relax and enjoy your outings, it’s even secure then attached to something solid so that you can have your hands free.

Simply stated, the Outbound Cat Harness and Leash Set gives you more options for taking your cat outdoors.  Our unique design offers these great benefits:

  • Ergonomic and comfortable: Designed to move with your cat, allows full range of motion, the leash is lightweight with a comfortable and easy grip leather handle that gets better with use.
  • Prevents back out: Designed to safely tighten when a cat draws back against the harness, no more panicked escapes
  • No pressure on the neck: The design will not choke or harm your cat’s neck or throat.
  • Stylish and durable:  Made from vegetable-tanned leather and quality materials
  • Made to fit: No matter how large or small your cat is, we make a harness that will fit
  • Safe and secure, even tied to a solid object: Other harnesses are only designed to be secure if the cat is not pulling backward, our harness safely squeezes your cat if they panic or try to escape.

Sets are cut from the same hide to match beautifully.