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OutBound Kitten Harness™ – Escape Proof, Guaranteed

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Safe-Secure-Lightweight, Grows with your kitten
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You want to let your kittens explore the outdoors? We have the safest, most escape-proof solution.

This is an evolution of the original OutBound Cat Harness™ which is the safest and most secure design on the market.

Why is that?

  • The design puts zero pressure on the neck so there is no danger of choking a kitten (or cat)
  • Our exclusive closure gently and safely squeezes your cat if they panic or try to back out
  • As your kitten grows, this harness grows with them!
  • Lightweight & durable design
  • Beautiful bridle leather to last a lifetime (or nine)

This design will accommodate kittens and allow for 4” of growth! This covers our most ordered sizes for most small and medium breeds.

Being a kitten parent is not easy, it has challenges. Safety is one of them.

This is the ONLY harness that will prevent back out escapes!

You won’t have to keep your eye on your kitten every moment they are outside, relaxing in your garden, going for a walk, out for coffee – or anywhere, they will be safe and secure!

Designed to put zero pressure on the neck, our design will not choke your beloved kitty. The bridle leather and high quality hardware are designed to last a lifetime, or nine!

The OutBound Kitten Harness™ is designed to move along with your cat, while also keeping it secured and escape-free.

So next time when you plan to go for a walk, work or relax in the garden or grab a coffee, you can take your cat along. The only harness that you can tie the leash to something and enjoy watching it explore and play!

Sounds like a plan, right?

What more? The harness is handmade from top quality leather and it keeps getting better and softer after each use.

The easy-to-adjust elastic closure gives: Control to your hands and Freedom of motion to your cat!

Each element was carefully designed, after numerous prototypes, for the love of cats.

A few features of the OutBound Cat Harness™ include:

  • Premium-quality bridle leather
  • Escape proof mechanism
  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • 100% choke-proof
  • Durable and timeless
  • Made to fit kittens from 10” girth to full grown cats of 14” girth

You will be surprised to know,

Each harness is custom made to fit every cat purr-sonaly

The love for cats is fur-ever and Cat About does its best to accommodate each request in the most beautiful way possible.

Here is what our customers say:

“This is by far the best harness out there! I have tried many different harnesses on many different cats and this one works the absolute best.”

“Super-fast shipping, AMAZING QUALITY, and cat-approved”

“It’s a huge relief to see that she cannot escape this harness if she fusses while outside.”

Order now and feel the difference.

Comfortable: Ergonomic & Lightweight

Safe: Choke-proof, escape-proof, prevents back out

Stylish: Long-lasting & Handcrafted in Bridle Leather

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