The best cat harness - by design

The only harness that prevents back-outs and allows full range of motion.

These harnesses seemed safe for 2 months

Our kittens loved going outside and as they got bigger, they started to escape their harnesses.  We tried 11 types of “escape-proof” harnesses and none of them worked. It’s nerve-wracking, searching for a loose cat, worrying they’d get hurt.  Their happiness playing in the garden made us determined to let our cats enjoy the outdoors.  Through observation and experimentation, we developed a very different type of harness.  Hundreds of hours of testing prove our design to be safer and more escape-proof than anything else on the market.
Picture of kittens in the first harnesses they escaped from.
Our kittens loved being outside but learned to escape from these harnesses.
Dog harnesses are insecure for cats
This harness style is easy for cats to escape from

Most "cat" harnesses are designed for dogs.

Cats anatomy and movement is different than dogs. The way cats move is too. Cats leap at anything that moves. A cat’s shoulder is more mobile than a dog’s. If a cat panics or tries to escape they back up, squeeze their shoulder blades together, and squeeze out of all other designs. We solved the problem with our unique shape and closure that allows and encourages cats to jump, run, and play. 
The OutBound Harness allows freedom of movement, comfort, and safety. Even hands-free, the design is escape-proof, choke-proof, and comfortable. The closure is easy to adjust and secure.

The OutBound Cat Harness™ makes taking cats outside simple.

Standard cat harnesses are not safe or secure when tied to solid objects. If you take your cat outside you need to hold their leash and pay attention at all times. The OutBound Cat Harness™ is different. We know what cats can, and will do.  We made sure that anything a cat can do, won’t harm them. We tie our cats, keeping them supervised, but letting them roam the yard while we have our hands free. 
Our cats tethered outside the studio
Cats in OutBound Cat Harnesses safely tethered in the yard.

About the Maker

My life keeps bringing me back to helping make the lives of pets and their people easier and more enjoyable. In 1989 I wrote The Parrot Training Handbook (you can still find it on Amazon) and created a 64 page catalog of specialty supplies for Pet Parrots, I have since sold that business.

Years ago, I met my first Tonkinese cats. They are a bit dog-like, wanting to be with their people, friendly, smart and energetic and I knew I wanted to have a pair one day. Lucy and Gracie entered our life with high energy, sweetness and a fascination with the world outside. I've spent over a year designing and refining this harness - I'm super proud of it, and I really believe it will make you and your cats' lives richer and more fun. You AND your cat will love it or your money back.
jen head shot
Jennifer Hubbard
Santa Fe, New Mexico

OutBound Cat Harness™ & Leash Set

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Open up the world of your cat with the safest, most comfortable, and beautiful harness and leash, custom made for fit and function.

The only harness that allows you to take your cat out and tether them (supervision is necessary - they like to get tangled). Let your cat enjoy more time outdoors while your relax, garden or socialize.
I designed the OutBound Cat Harness™ after my cats escaped from 11 different types of harnesses - I tried every style I could find.
Early in 2019 I made the first prototype that worked. That prototype has been refined as I discovered how much strength I needed to have and how to make the shape move with my cats and not restrict them.
I like to tie my cats to a lead while I enjoy my backyard, gardening, or relaxing. The OutBound Harness™ keeps them safe and secure -even though they can and do tangle themselves up and jump too far, all of the time. I don't leave them unsupervised, but I can safely get distracted, step inside for more coffee, or to answer the phone.
I tested this harness with the help of different sizes and shapes of cats to allow a complete range of motion.
The uniquely shaped leather harness hugs the body when a cat tries to escape (or bungee jumps up and over a tree branch), yet allows for freedom of movement and comfort when the cat is relaxed. Combined with an easy-to-adjust elastic closure, this escape- and choke-proof cat harness- is the ideal way to let your cat roam their outdoor territory safely and hands-free. Feel confident attaching your cat's leash to something, and enjoy watching them play!

"This is by far the best harness out there! I have tried many different harnesses on many different cats and this one works the absolute best."

"Super fast shipping, AMAZING QUALITY, and cat-approved"
"It’s a huge relief to see that she cannot escape this harness if she fusses while outside."

Not your typical designed-for-a-dog harness, the OutBound Cat Harness has gone through hundreds of hours of testing to ensure your cat can leap, run and play with no risk of choking or squeezing free.

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